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Using various methods of promotion in a social network allows you to introduce a start-up company into a niche, develop an existing brand or strengthen its position in the eyes of customers and even competitors. The modern business development strategy is based on direct interaction with the audience, and it is most convenient and correct to do this through maintaining an account on Instagram.

Instagram is a mobile application that allows you to publish and share visual content, and this platform is the most convenient for doing business. Thanks to the many built-in functions, work with the customer’s opinion, brand recognition and interaction with the audience is carried out most accurately and efficiently.

Promotion of a page on Instagram - benefits

  • 1. You will be able to interact with an audience of two types: those who have enough time to study the proposed content, and even those who look into the network “on the go”. This means that people with almost any schedule can be attracted by your offer. Not every social network and off-line strategy can boast of this.
  • 2. Managing a person’s interest will make him not only your subscriber, but also a potential buyer or consumer of the service. If you need to order promotion on Instagram, you invest in the future of the brand, creating a fertile ground for growth. All the existing, but not yet bought, CAs remain interested and follow the development until they are convinced of the honesty, quality and necessity of cooperation with this brand.
  • 3. You can even attract people who are insensitive to traditional advertising. The reason for this is the opportunity to work with the audience at different levels. Ordering Instagram promotion from specialists will help to formulate the desired strategy, having studied the characteristics of the audience, and making the coverage of the post maximal, as well as the margin brought to them.

What type of business is Instagram promotion suitable for?

Most social networks were developed for the B2C market. That is why it is more reasonable to count on attracting a direct client than on searching for other companies that are ready to buy something from you.

Keeping an Instagram account helps you interact with a potential client directly. A particular person is interested when, while relaxing or having fun, flips through a feed and sees an attractive advertisement, a review about a product / service or a friend’s post that acquired in a certain company. Working with this interest is the main task of the team engaged in professional promotion on Instagram.

For B2B, this social network is worse. However, there are options in the development of which SMM on Instagram can work perfectly for interacting with other companies, wholesalers and large reseller organizations. An example would be setting up an email newsletter or having social network buttons on a company’s website. This will be an excellent additional factor, according to which the client will be able to go to the Instagram page, to personally verify the relevance of the proposal that interests him and the company's activity. A good bonus is his understanding that the company is so successful that it can afford the services of an SMM specialist, which means that it is doing well. Indeed, you must agree that it’s nice when such an opinion exists about your business.

Instagram promotion services in UAATEAM

You can order promotion on Instagram in our company. Cooperating with us, you will receive:

  • 1. A detailed study, collection of information and a qualitative analysis of the strategy that will be created for a specific task and will fit a specific social network.
  • 2. Guaranteed growth of subscribers, as well as an increase in the engagement rate. We will help to acquire a potentially interested CA that will be ready to communicate, order and buy, as well as exchange opinions and leave comments.
  • 3. Increase Instagram sales. The developed set of measures and work with CA will attract customers not only to your account page, but also directly to the site.

We approach each task individually and are ready to discuss working criteria on terms that are favorable to you.

What does the “SMM on Instagram” service include?

The cost of maintaining an account on Instagram includes:

  • - Tight and qualitative analysis of the target audience. Specialists distinguish age, gender, territorial, social and other features of the educational institution and develop a language of communication. All further work and final success depends on this step.
  • - Depending on the nuances of the niche occupied by the client-company, a strategy for working with posts is being worked out. This determines the frequency of posting, selects the format of communication with people, the nature of interaction.
  • - If necessary, additional steps are taken to create brand awareness and unusualness.

Timing and cost of promotion

The first stages, including analysis of the market, target audience and competitors, are not visible to the client and can take several weeks. However, as soon as the strategy is worked out and implemented, when the targeted advertising is launched, and the company page takes the required form, customer growth will begin with a geometric progression.

In UAATEAM, instagram promotion can be ordered even with a small budget. We are ready to work with customers who are just starting to develop, offering them favorable conditions. For already successful entrepreneurs, a flexible system of interaction has been developed aimed at approving a occupied position and the subsequent development of a business.

What result do you get?

Ordering promotion on Instagram, you will receive:

  • - A prepared advertising page reflecting the essence of the offered service or emphasizing the relevance of the delivered goods.
  • - A well-thought-out advertising campaign that works for your target audience.
  • - A page on Instagram that is filled with relevant and interesting content.
  • - Target audience interested and ready to interact with the brand.

Our Instagram promotion achievements

Currently, UAATEAM has successfully completed more than 20 projects aimed at promoting the company or personal brand on Instagram. In ready-made cases, you can find reports on working with the Baggage school of advertising, design and communication, the Berni clothing and home textile store, the Kinolend movie theater chain, and others. UAATEAM is ready to promote both in one of the selected social networks and in many at the same time, offering a complete solution for your business.

  • Analysis and understanding of the target audience. Her needs, pains, insights. Understanding the language of communication with target audience.

  • Content development for each social network. Posting frequencies, content format.

  • Development of an activation mechanic for social networks that will “revitalize” pages and increase user activity.

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  • Growth in subscribers and engagement
  • Growth of sales from social networks
  • Flexible terms of cooperation
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