SEO audit

The site audit SEO service will give you a complete picture of the state and readiness of your site for organic promotion and its visibility by search engines. We will conduct an external and internal SEO audit of your site and provide you with a list of actions that you need to implement to effectively display your site in search engines for your queries.

Creating a commercial site is always subject to the goal of attracting visitors. The site provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the company, to examine in detail the goods or services.

If the site gives a result, then the visitor becomes a buyer, customer or partner. In order for the site to fulfill its functions, it needs to be prepared.

Stages of conducting an SEO audit

SEO site audit is a comprehensive analysis of the site, which is carried out for further promotion. Such an analysis will eliminate errors, get more traffic, improve visibility in search engines, and also make the site more functional and convenient for potential visitors.

Comprehensive SEO audit includes four stages.

Technical audit of the site. An important component of the analysis is the technical audit of the site. In Ukraine, you can only order a technical audit of the site if there is a need or a specific task. The price of a technical site audit is lower than a comprehensive SEO audit.

Despite the fact that SEO audit is not limited to the analysis of only the technical component, the bulk of errors that negatively affect the site’s position in search engines are technical in nature.

Content Analysis. Content is one of the most important components of any site. Each article is tested for uniqueness and usefulness. The texts on the site should be a tool that will allow you to take a leading position in the top of search queries and increase sales. Content must be effective and unique.

Analysis of usability. This part of the audit includes a thorough study of the usability of the site. Specialists check whether the site is easy and convenient to use, whether users understand the steps necessary to make a purchase or order a service.

Checking the link component of the site. Checking links will avoid getting under the sanctions of search engines. During the analysis, the specialist assesses the situation at the moment and develops a link building strategy.

Order SEO audit

In conducting an SEO audit, an individual approach to each site in question is important, so that the results increase the effectiveness of each particular site. We will conduct a professional audit of your site, taking into account its features. As a result, you will receive a list of tasks for effective promotion and a plan for promotion without the risk of falling under the filters. The cost of SEO site audit varies depending on the amount of work, that is, the size of your site.

SEO audit service includes:

  • technical SEO (crawling and indexing)

  • on-page SEO (content optimization)

  • off-page SEO (link building)

  • usability evaluation

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Benefits we offer:
  • A properly done SEO audit
  • A checklist for successful promotion
  • Risk-free promotion strategy
  • Flexible business terms and conditions
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