Google Data Studio Reports

A professionally built report in Google Data Studio will give you the opportunity to view relevant data on traffic sources, analytics indicators and advertising campaigns. Only 1 click and all data is updated to the selected time interval and you view them in 1 report, instead of entering individually into each system and viewing statistics.

Our experts will set up for you a report that will allow you to save time and manage sales channels more efficiently.

Google Data Studio is a tool for working with end-to-end analytics, which helps to collect relevant data from various sources, analyze and visualize them in reports. This system will greatly simplify the workflow.

Features of Google Data Studio

The required data is imported from its location into the report. Information can be processed if necessary. In Data Studio, you can create calculated indicators, remove unnecessary, formatting.

Google Data Studio offers you to analyze data using visibility. You can use the functions of creating graphs, charts, data overlay on the map. In addition, the design of reports is customizable according to customer requests. Colors, types of fonts and images are individualized.

One of the main conveniences of working with Data Studio is the automatic updating of data with each report opening. Data is updated to your desired time period, the range of dates and segments is customizable. All information is collected and visualized in a single report. You no longer need to check statistics in each system.

Setting up reporting in Date Studio makes it possible to quickly disseminate the entire complex of data. Now all the relevant information in one capacious report, and not several files.

Thus, the main advantages of Data Studio:
  • - all statistics in the 1st report;
  • - automatic updating of data;
  • - presence of visualization;
  • - a large number of supported data sources.

Reporting in Google Data Studio

UAATEAM provides professional help setting up Google Data Studio . Our experts will make high-quality service settings to optimize your business.

In order to configure Google Data Studio, a technical task is being prepared with the client in accordance with the desired type of report. We get access to advertising systems and analytics systems, then we create automatic reporting. Before starting the service directly into the workflow, testing is performed for correct functioning.

The cost of setting up Google Data Studio is standard. By setting up the service once, you will get unlimited possibilities of use!

Reporting for your project consists of the following steps:

  • Prepare technical task for report

  • Get access to ad accounts and analytical tools

  • Preparing reports by our specialists

  • Checking report by client

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With Google Data Studio report you can
  • See information about changes faster
  • See all the data in 1 report
  • Spent your advertising budget more effectively
  • Save your time on surfing tons of reports
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