End-to-end analytics

To make the right marketing decisions for your business, it’s critical to understand where these decisions can lead. If you use several sources of sales at once, then you need to know which of them work better and which are worse. But besides that - you need to understand at what stage of the purchase these sources play a role and result in a successful conversion.

Often, disabling some sales sources critically affects the whole process. Different tools have different attribution models and it is worth considering this when deciding whether to enable or disable traffic sources.

With the help of end-to-end analytics, you can see the contribution of each traffic source to the user’s path to the purchase: at what stage does advertising play a role and what is organic, how does email delivery actually work and what do users call.

Promoting an online business through advertising has become a common practice and a necessary component of marketing strategies. Typically, ads are placed on various online resources.

There is a need to track the effectiveness of advertising, to identify sources that consistently bring maximum profit. The end-to-end analytics setup will help address these issues.

Features of end-to-end analytics

End-to-end analytics is an analysis of the effectiveness of marketing investments, which is based on sales data. Such an analysis makes it possible to track the client’s path - from viewing ads to placing an order (and possibly re-ordering).

End-to-end analytics combines information from various advertising channels, making it possible to track the contribution of a channel to the user's decision to make a purchase.

Using the data obtained as a result of setting up end-to-end analytics, you can rationally distribute the budget and increase the profit of your company. Now, advertising investments will be made in accordance with specific figures and indicators.

End-to-end analytics features

Setting end-to-end analytics for business projects is an essential element of effective advertising management. Choosing the setting of this service, you will see its effectiveness and real need.

Cross-cutting analytics performs many functions, among which there are such:
  • - A detailed analysis of the relevance of each advertising channel with the calculation of return on investment;
  • - Detection of users who have expressed interest in a product or service, but have not completed an order;
  • - Automatic control of ad display;
  • - Saving time spent on collecting marketing data;
  • - Increased sales.

Cross-cutting analytics will also help solve many issues: find problem areas in the sales process, test new advertising channels, make the right marketing decisions.

How to set up end-to-end analytics

Professionally tuned end-to-end analytics will save money spent on advertising and make only payback investments. The setup process takes time and expertise.

UAATEAM team has been working in the digital marketing market for a long time and will set up the most suitable end-to-end analytics system for you. UAATEAM sets up analytics for services , analytics for e-commerce , analytics for outsourcing projects , etc. Each client will receive a high-quality customization of end-to-end analytics, as well as advice on online marketing!

Using properly configured end-to-end analytics, you can:

  • Assess the effectiveness of all traffic sources

  • Make the right marketing decisions

  • More efficiently distribute the budget between sources of sales

  • Increase your sales at times due to decisions made on the basis of statistics

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