Dynamiс remarketing

Some customers leave the website of an online store without having placed an order - this is a fact. Using the capabilities of modern advertising systems, you can return up to 80% of departed users and turn abandoned baskets into completed purchases.

With the help of dynamic remarketing, you will be able to show visitors who were on your site, your site customers exactly those products that they viewed or added to the basket. Your customers will see relevant ads with the products they are interested in on the forum, blog or social network and return to complete the purchase. The effectiveness of this type of advertising is so high that 100% of our customers from the e-commerce segment necessarily launch dynamic remarketing, along with other types of advertising campaigns.

Internet advertising has become one of the main advertising formats in modern business. There are a huge number of advertising methods, so many business owners want to use the maximum amount. Unfortunately, this format implies that it is impossible to use all the features of the platforms.

For example, a dynamic remarketing setup service is known to a very small number of customers. Practice shows that remarketing can significantly reduce the cost of leads for a particular product or service, as well as increase customer loyalty to a brand or company.

What is remarketing?

If you want to order dynamic remarketing setup , you first need to understand what it is. Remarketing is a special way of setting up advertising, in which there is a gradual and consistent contact with the client.

The most common remarketing setup option is:
  • - showing an ad by keyword;
  • - view an advertisement;
  • - transition to the advertised site;
  • - performing any actions on the site.

Remarketing payback periods

A rather relevant question: “What does remarketing setting and price depend on?” There are many companies on the Internet that are engaged in such activities, and the cost of work can vary widely.

Practice shows that the cost of dynamic remarketing setup services depends on:
  • - number of remarketing parameters;
  • - number of generated ads;
  • - the speed of work of specialists.

It’s worth noting that before setting up dynamic remarketing , you should conduct a thorough analysis and think over a potential advertising campaign. The problem is that many artists only copy remarketing for various customers, not taking into account the features of a particular business.

This approach is unacceptable, since the setting simply will not work, which will lead not to a decrease in the cost of the order, but to its increase. Our company has been providing similar services for several years, so customers decide remarketing settings to order with us. According to our experience, the cost of remarketing settings can be recouped in 1.5-3 weeks. In addition, the "return" of customers also increases several times, which increases the profit of the company.

After setting up dynamic remarketing, you can:

  • Show the right products to the right customers

  • Get back up to 80% of website visitors and increase your sales

  • Increase your ROAS and Transactions with low CPA

Setup Remarketing
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