The success of contextual and targeted advertising largely depends on the correct settings. If you started advertising yourself, if you contacted a freelancer, if you suspect that advertising may bring more profit, but does not bring, if the result does not please you and you think that advertising does not work well, if you do not understand where to go next, you need consultation!

Contextual advertising is an important factor for website promotion. Our company offers users a consultation on contextual advertising, due to which site traffic and the number of unique visitors will increase.

Why do I need a consultation

In life, various troubles happen regarding page promotion. Some owners may fall for an inexperienced employee, so most advertisements will work poorly because of this. We will help protect the client from such troubles.

Our experts provide advice on all issues related to contextual advertising. Using advertising helps the customer get interesting advantages:
  • - a new stream of unique visitors;
  • - assignment of the target visitor’s own value;
  • - unlike other types of advertising, contextual does not load the site as a whole;
  • - Customize your ads to suit thematic queries or target audience updates.
Specialists divide contextual advertising into two types:
  • - in the search engine;
  • - on thematic sites.

What we guarantee customers

Consulting is required to set up Google Analytics correctly. This program helps site owners to learn statistics on their pages, as well as competitors' pages. The problem is that many do not know how to use these settings correctly. Our experts not only advise on contextual advertising , but also help to get used to other programs to promote the site.

It is very important for the customer to know about the problems, as well as their solutions, which will await him in this matter. We, like no other, will be able to explain in an accessible language everything from the side of this work. In addition, contextual advertising consultation includes training in the proper drafting of technical specifications.

Through our Google Advertising Consultation , we’ll help you get the best out of your content. In addition, our goal is to create high-quality conditions for cooperation for the client, after which a pleasant experience remains. By working with us, you will receive not only contextual advertising advice for a small cost, but also full reporting at the end of each month about the work done. Only our specialists guarantee high-quality customization and the most relevant messages in advertising.

You can fully optimize your queries on search networks. We will not only talk about the proper use of Google Analytics, but also pay attention to other important platforms: Facebook and Yandex.

To start cooperation with us, it is enough to indicate your name, email address, telephone for communication and website in the application.

Our contacts:

Also, customers can contact us by phone +38 (066) 176-99-49 or by skype - estdex. In addition, anyone who wants to get advice on contextual advertising can write to our email address [email protected]

We are ready to help you avoid unnecessary expenses and get the result already at the first launch of advertising. Consultation with our specialists will help you deal with the settings of complex systems and attract more customers.

You can get advice from us:

  • On setting up contextual advertising in the search and display networks in Google AdWords, Yandex Direct, Bingads, Yahoo Gemini and others;

  • To optimize advertising campaigns in the search and display networks;

  • On setting up targeted advertising in social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, VK, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, Maytget);

  • On setting up and using Google Analytics, Yandex Metrics, Facebook Analytics;

  • By developing a strategy for social networks;

Order a consultation
What do you get by working with us?
  • Consultation from practitioners
  • Audit of advertising campaigns
  • Answers to all your questions about advertising campaigns
  • SEO audit of your site
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