Call-tracking setup

For many projects, a fairly large part of orders come by phone calls. Customers may simply be interested in the condition or characteristics of the product, or they may place an order by phone. The problem is that the advertiser often does not know the source from which the client who made the call came from.

Call tracking systems help solve this problem. Most systems today provide fairly detailed statistics on calls and call sources. Thanks to call tracking, you can track the source of the call and evaluate the effectiveness of a particular advertising channel. You will understand what advertising channels call orders bring to you and evaluate their payback. Also, data on calls will help you more efficiently distribute the advertising budget and plan advertising expenses based on numbers, not guesses.

Currently, almost every project uses advertising services. Advertising can attract attention, expand the circle of customers and increase revenue.

In order to see a positive result, you need to monitor the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Many projects serve customers through calls, consultations, the option of ordering goods, and so on. In this case, the source remains unknown, thanks to which the client found out about you and made a call.

What possibilities will call-tracking open

Call-tracking is a tool with which it becomes possible to track call sources. So you get a full range of analytics, taking into account not only clicks, but also calls.

Setting up call tracking on the site , you will receive:
  • - identification of sources of telephone calls;
  • - evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising channels;
  • - holistic statistics;
  • - control of contact center managers;
  • - decrease the number of missed calls.

Thus, call-tracking setup allows you to evaluate the quality of advertising and determine its effectiveness. Having complete statistics (including calls), you can choose the most optimal media channels and spend your advertising budget more rationally.

Advantages of ordering call-tracking in UAATEAM

UAATEAM is a team of professionals specializing in digital marketing. We know how to make advertising really work for you!

Working with various clients, UAATEAM specialists gained wide experience. High-quality service settings are made using an individual approach and a comprehensive solution of tasks.

We will set up a type of call tracking that will satisfy your needs and help increase sales and improve your business.

How to order the configuration and tracking of call-tracking calls in UAATEAM

In order to configure call tracking, go to our website. Next, select the “All Services” tab -> COLL-TRACKING and leave a request by filling out the form fields. The cost of the call-tracking setup is negotiable. By setting up call tracking once, you will enjoy its benefits again and again!

Now you will know what advertising channels are behind phone calls and how to plan advertising costs in the most efficient way!

When ordering call tracking in UAATEAM you will receive:

  • The best call tracking system on the market;

  • Understanding the effectiveness of advertising channels;

  • Budget savings and sales growth;

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