Ad campaigns audit

From time to time, any business process should be checked in order to find possible errors and improve the result. The audit campaign of advertising campaigns is aimed at identifying weak spots in advertising campaigns and project strategies, problem areas in the settings of advertising campaigns, their structure, and site analytics. The audit service includes:


- audit of contextual advertising systems (Google Ads, Yandex Direct, Bingads, Facebook ads, etc.). Identification of errors and weaknesses and recommendations for their correction;  

- analysis of the site for the presence of analytics codes, E-Commerce, dynamic remarketing and third-party analytics systems. Checking the correctness of their installation and operation;  

- data analysis in analytics systems (Google Analytics, Yandex Metric) to determine the effectiveness of online marketing, identify effective and inefficient sources of traffic. Providing recommendations to increase conversion and ROI.  

Even the most effective advertising companies from time to time should be checked for errors in the setup, structure and analytics of the site. But first of all, contextual advertising audit is to be ordered when there is no necessary return from the advertising company. The faster the check is carried out, the less will be the inefficient expenses allocated for the promotion of the budget.

What does the service include?

A comprehensive study of the work of the current advertising company allows you to:
  • - objectively evaluate advertising launched on the Internet;
  • - identify unused opportunities;
  • - create a list of events that will increase the effect of advertising.
An audit of contextual advertising, the price of which depends on the total amount of work done, includes:
  • - Checking the settings for contextual advertising in Google Ads, Yandex Direct, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads and other advertising platforms with the subsequent development of recommendations for eliminating detected errors;
  • - Monitoring of the site, taking into account the correct installation and configuration of analytics codes, E-Commerce, dynamic remarketing and third-party analytical systems that allow you to bring the resource to the top of search queries;
  • - Analysis of analytics by Google Analytics, Yandex Metric, which allows you to determine the degree of online marketing effectiveness of a particular advertising company, highlighting targeted and non-targeted traffic sources. Based on the data received, recommendations are developed that increase conversion and ROI.

Advantages of UAATEAM services

By ordering contextual advertising audits in Google Ads and other advertising platforms for UAATEAM specialists, customers receive:
  • - a personal manager and personal specialist who will always be in touch, explaining in an understandable and accessible language all the deficiencies and errors identified as a result of the audit, and will also tell you about the necessary recommendations that will help increase the effectiveness of advertising;
  • - saving the advertising budget with the help of contextual advertising audit, the cost of which will pay off immediately after eliminating the identified errors in the settings, structure and analytics of the site;
  • - a real result that allows you to make any advertising company profitable. Specialists have extensive successful experience in the niches of B2B and B2C services and products and know how to achieve your goal with minimal cost.

All our specialists have received certificates in Google Ads, Google Analytics, Yandex Direct and Marinsoftware. We are official partners of Google Ads and Bing Ads. Our audit always gives a real result and ensures the effective use of the advertising budget immediately after it.

You should order an audit of advertising campaigns if:

  • Auditing contextual advertising systems (Google AdWords, Yandex Direct, Bingads, Facebook ads etc.), identifying weaknesses and recommendations how to overcome them.

  • Testing the website for web analytics code existence, E-Commerce, dynamic remarketing and external analytics system.

  • Analysing the data with analytics systems (Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica) to measure online marketing effectiveness, identifying efficient and inefficient traffic sources. Giving recommendations on increasing conversion rate and ROI.

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