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The launch of advertising on Instagram is the set of measures required to create a positive vision of the brand being promoted, aimed at engaging the audience, increasing conversions and attracting potential customers to the advertiser's page / website. As soon as this service opened the possibility of creating commercial accounts, many users decided to try their hand at setting up an office with their own hands, counting on an easy increase in interested subscribers and customers.

However, on Instagram, advertising, the price of which can vary from many factors, created without knowing the specifics of the service, for many in the end turned out to be only a loss of money. Do not waste time and money giving competitors their potential buyers when it is possible to earn more here and now.

UAATEAM company offers the service of professional setting up targeting advertising in Instagram for any personal and business projects. We will help you get the maximum number of subscribers interested in the proposed product, increase the number of visits to the site and, as a result, the number of sales.

Instagram advertising goals

When ordering ads on Instagram, you need to focus on several goals at the same time to optimize the created advertising company. When choosing a strategy, the resource allows you to choose from a list of three key types of goals that should be understood literally and used in accordance with a given wording. This fundamental work requires knowledge of the intricacies of each item, which in the hands of a professional will give maximum results.

  • 1. Recognition. The choice of this goal occurs when you need to use image advertising to promote your product or service nationwide. A great choice for companies that are aimed at new heights.
  • 2. Leads. The goals of this group are more applicable to small and medium-sized businesses. These include an increase in the number of clicks and the number of interactions of the audience with the posts. Their choice will also positively affect the frequency of downloading applications, as well as the number of views of the downloaded video contact. You will be able to receive the contact details of your subscribers directly in the system itself, and therefore, third-party resources are not required to interact with them. Also, to communicate with the audience, the “Messages” goal is suitable, which works to increase the number of messages between the target audience and the customer company through the organization’s employees or by setting up answering machines and chat bots.
  • 3. Conversions. The choice of such a goal will optimize the advertising campaign for receiving the targeted actions specified in the account. This also includes setting up dynamic retagreting, which helps large companies and online stores to promote their product line. This is a complex but extremely effective practice that requires the involvement of programmers and experienced marketers. In addition, increasing conversions will help bring visitors from an offline resource to a local point: a store, bar, cafe, show room, etc.

Who should use Instagram Ads

Instagram attracts precisely the visual component, but this does not mean that if you do not sell paintings or engage in professional photography, this method is not suitable. The beauty of this platform is that it suits almost everyone. Instagram offers great opportunities for entrepreneurs by creating conditions under which the level of audience engagement in this network is more than 15 times higher than in Fasebook. Today, instagram advertising, the price of which fully pays off when maintaining a competent online policy, has become part of the tactics of promoting not only personal brands, but also organizations from almost any field.

Cost of advertising on Instagram

The platform allows you to start setting up advertising with a zero budget. This is a long and painstaking process that can last for years. The introduction of funds will accelerate the receipt of the desired result.

The cost of advertising on Instagram depends on the desires and capabilities of the customer. The agency-generated figure includes a detailed analysis of the niche, a well-thought-out strategy, the allocation of target audience, the creation of a content plan, the direct configuration of advertising and a full report on the results.

Steps for setting up ads

Advertising can be set up in two standard ways:

  • Through the official application - the easiest way, but not all offers promotion options.
  • Through the Fasebook advertising account - a full-fledged way, using all the resources of the resource. It is he used in UAATEAM.

The calculation of the cost of advertising on instagram comes from the following required steps included in the service of targeting advertising from our company:

  • - Development of an advertising account.
  • - An accurate analysis of Central Asia and its interests.
  • - Targeting and retargeting.
  • - Complete reporting of actions taken.
  • - Tips for the most winning image formats for Instagram.

Ad Results

  • Increase in sales. Potential customers are attracted to interesting and useful content, which has a correct, well-developed and suitable policy for this topic. The organization of just such productive work rests on the shoulders of specialists who have experience in interacting with various CAs.
  • Improving your reputation. Confidence in the brand will be higher, and therefore, its recognition will increase. Establishing feedback with subscribers. This is convenient not only for sales, but also for adjusting the conduct of your business. Find out what people like, what interests them and what attracts them in order to direct the vector of further development in the right direction.


Experience and professionalism will help us to present you online with dignity. Turning to UAATEAM, you can be sure that conscientious specialists will work on the project, who will organize the process of introducing targeted advertising on Instagram in a quality and correct manner. We always listen to the opinion of the client and adequately respond to all comments. Contact UAATEAM and discover a new world of successful online business!

  • Analysis and understanding of the target audience. Her needs, pains, insights. Understanding the language of communication with target audience.

  • Content development for each social network. Posting frequencies, content format.

  • Development of an activation mechanic for social networks that will “revitalize” pages and increase user activity.

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