Main Features
  • a new brand on the market
  • high competition among escape room companies
  • advertising campaigns in Spanish

Работы стартовали in August 2016



to increase the number of requests


This client had never had advertising campaigns run which was both an advantage and disadvantage. On the one hand, it is easier to optimize and analyze campaigns if there are some key performance indicators available. However, on the other hand, it’s better to set up campaigns properly from the start without wasting money on unnecessary tests.

Before we launched Google Ads campaigns, we had set up conversion tracking through Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel tracking codes. We also created the semantic core, chose the right keywords and negative keywords in Spanish and English. After that, we created advertisements and added all available extensions.

We launched search ad campaigns aimed at adults, kids in two languages. We adjusted the bids for specific days and times, devices, age and gender to get the minimum cost per conversion and the maximum number of requests.

In 2108 we performed website interface testing with Google Optimize and found design solutions which made customers submit requests more willingly.

We also created dynamic search ads which gave lower conversion cost.

We’ve tested and launched a lot of Google features throughout the project: search ads, Google Display Network, remarketing, YouTube, Gmail sponsored promotions, dynamic search ads, Google Optimize.

2016 Results 24,75 conversion cost

2017 Results € 19,26 conversion cost

2018 Results € 13,9 conversion cost

As we can see, our comprehensive approach together with effective advertising strategy produced positive results. Still, we are not going to stop and become complacent.


Facebook ads


Google Ads

Google Optimize

  • Более

    50% increase in the number of clicks

  • Более

    94%increase in transaction rate

  • Более

    300%increase in the number of conversions

  • Более

    57%decrease in cost per conversion

Evgenia Shuvalova Owner

Great service! We have been working for several years, everyone is very happy! Recommended!

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