Do you want to know how to find out the geography of your subscribers? Or know how to calculate the best time for posting? Would you like to know where to see the involvement of a separate post and the growth dynamics of Instagram subscribers?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions — you probably didn’t hear about services for Instagram analysis.

now it’s impossible to support your account without analytics and collecting data. Otherwise, it becomes like searching for a needle in a haystack, where the needle is your right audience, and hay is the rest of users.

In this article we have collected the most convenient services for analyzing statistics and described the features of each of them.

Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is internal free Instagram statistics, which is available for business profiles only. You will not find much information there, but it will be enough for a quick analysis of your account.

Instagram offers to you statistics on the following indicators:

  1. Actions — account interactions, reach and impressions.
  2. Content — statistics on posts and stories.
  3. Audience — information about the number of subscribers, their geography, age, and gender.

Also here you can see at what time and days of the week your subscribers are most active on Instagram.


Popsters is a useful service for analyzing not just your pages but also pages of your competitors and potential accounts to collaborate with. Its main feature is the advanced analysis of the content of pages according to different criteria: the amount of text, time and date of publication, content, coverage, set of hashtags, etc.

Main service features:

  1. Grouping and filtering community entries;
  2. Analysis of the effectiveness of posts of different formats;
  3. Analysis of posts on the content of hashtags and text;
  4. Activity statistics;
  5. Uploading reports to XLSX, PPTX, PDF.

Popsters is a great helper in the process of the search for new ideas and developing better content. But, because of this specialization, the service does not provide audience statistics.

Analytics Instagram account with Popsters will cost at least 399 RUR.
The free trial period lasts 5 days.


Unlike Popsters, Livedune performs in-depth analytics on 40+ indicators.

Service’s features are:

1. Dashboard, where you can track the number of subscribers in real time, posts and ER (engagement rate) of all accounts added to the board;

2. The ability to receive notifications of new comments in Telegram, as well as uploading comments to Exel (can help coolly when holding contests);
3. The ability to compare multiple accounts at the same time.

4. Livedune is able to analyze Instagram account for a variety of indicators, of which the most needed:

  • increase and outflow of subscribers;
  • involvement dynamics;
  • statistics of the best posts in different categories;
  • audience analysis by age, geography and gender;
  • Instagram story statistics;
  • determining the best time for posts and story.

The price of the service starts at 300 rubles. Free trial period of just 1 day.


Picalytics – one more service for deep analytics of Instagram accounts.

Picalytics works with 35+ metrics, including:

  • growth dynamics of subscribers;
  • audience geography;
  • the number of bots in the account;
  • engagement analysis;
  • subscribers reach;
  • hashtags analytics;
  • analysis of the best time for publications.

Also, Picalytics can offer you to export data for any period of time in PDF format.

The price starts at $ 5 per month. Trial period 3 days.


Picaton is a good service for collecting data and analytics from Instagram, right after LiveDune and Picalytics.

Cool Picaton features:

  1. You can reply or delete comments on posts directly from Telegram;
  2. Analysis of the influence of the post format and its visual design on the activity of the audience;
  3. If you have an account with less than 1K followers — it’s free.
  4. Analysis of the optimal posting time;
  5. Audience analysis;
  6. Tags analytics; 

As you can see, this is a great service for beginners, because for accounts with the number of subscribers up to 1K analytics is free. Well, and if the figure has exceeded 1K, you will have to pay from 199 RUR. The first three days — a free trial period.

The service allows you to view all available statistics on accounts, as well as compare the activity of several accounts simultaneously. You can see the level of audience involvement, geography, hashtag statistics.
The most useful function is fairly accurate statistics on the activity and involvement of the audience by the time of day.
Free trial period — 14 days

The service allows a fairly detailed view of statistics on accounts. You can see the statistics on the best posts, the time of the best interaction with the audience and statistics on hashtags.

Free trial period — 14 days.