LinkedIn — it’s a social network for business contacts and professionals.

It’s not so popular in CIS, but there are a lot of HR specialists looking for new employees in Linkedin. It’s popular for them because there is very detailed information about experience, skills and job position for each user.


You can create new linkedin ads account in 2 simple steps.

Step 1

Choose the menu tab «work», and then choose the tab «advertise» in the drop-down menu.

how to create linkedin ads

Step 2

Create the name for your account and choose a currency, which you will use in the advertising account. You can also connect your add account with your profile, if you need.

linkedin ads creating account

After that, you’ll see your ad account.

how to create linkedin ads account

The structure of  Linkedin ad account is similar to Facebook ads account, but a bit different. There are campaign groups – campaigns – ads.


To create a new campaign group you need to click on the button with the same name.

LinkedIn Campaign Manager

In the newly opened window you need to enter your campaign group name, fill the field budget for the whole campaign group. You can also create a dedicated budget for separate campaigns.  Then you need to create your first campaign, so click on the create campaign button.

LinkedIn Campaign Manager

On the first settings step, you can choose next attributes:

  • choose your goal;
  • audience;
  • ad format;
  • placement;
  • budget and schedule;
  • conversion tracking.

On the next step, you will create ads. 


To begin you need to choose a goal for your ad campaign. There are 7 different variations of goals which are divided between 3 groups.

linkedin ads objective

What do they mean:

Website visits — to receive traffic on your website;

Engagement — you can increase the engagement rate of an audience with your post;

Lead generation — to generate leads with a lead form on LinkedIn (mostly in messages) without a website.  

You can choose any which is better for you.


linkedin ads audience

In the audience settings, you can choose different options like geo, language and more specific: company, demographics, education, job position, job experience, skills, interests, yrs of experience, endorsed skills.


There are 8 different ad formats and they are available or not in depends on campaign objective. For example, for «Video views» objective you can use «vide ad» only.

linkedin targeting audience

For al the ad formats it’s necessary to link them with your company profile. Exclusions: text ads and message ad.


«LinkedIn audience network» means that your ads will be shown on LinkedIn and on websites which belong to LinkedIn partner network.

linkedin ads placements


In the budget settings, you can choose the type of budget — daily or total and choose schedule and bidding type.

linkedin ads budget


You can track your conversions on Linkedin ads with its own pixel. It’s effective for website traffic and lead generation campaigns. 

To prepare tracking you need install Insight Tag on your website. More detailed how to do it you can read in Linkedin ads help. 

linkedin conversion tracking

After that, you can create your ads. In depends on your campaign objective you can choose different fields.

For example, for «text ad» you need to upload an image , fill headline, text and URL. 

linkedin ads

And in the end, you need to add your billing details. To do it you need to go to the account Billing center and add your credit card. After that, your ads will be active. 

linkedin billing


You can easily launch LinkedIn ads if you have experience in work with Facebook ads or any other social network. It works good for luxury products, courses and HR.