How to write perfect Instagram text and improve engagement

Instagram marketing is all about good visuals. Do you agree? We do, though, only partially. The photo just makes a user stop scrolling the feed and pay attention to your content. But to engage him, you’ll have to explain what your photo pictures. And just for that, you need the text.

We gathered some tips that will help you to write a fascinating Instagram caption and improve engagement.

1. Find what your audience is interested in

Do some research and create your customer’s profile. Is it a man or a woman? Where does he or she go? What is this person interested in? What are his (her) needs and pain points? This data will help you to write the text where a person can recognize himself.

2. Make a content plan

Everything goes better with a plan. After defining your audience needs and pain points, you will be able to make a list of topics to write about. Include there the information about your products/services, some tips, advice, reviews, compilations, questions, quizzes, etc. Then find the balance between them and make a schedule.

3. Add a headline

Instagram hides most of your text under “see more” button. So you should win the reader’s attention with a first line. It can be a headline or just a brief sentence that reveals the main idea of following text or names the product you will describe below.

4. Ask questions

If you want to have more comments on your page, ask your followers some questions. There are plenty of ways to do that. For example, ask them to choose between two options and put “1” or “2” in comments. Next step is asking them questions that require a longer answer. You can ask them what they think about a recently released movie, what’s their favorite cake or what’s his or her pet’s name. The questions can be different. The only condition is that they should be related to the niche of your product or service.

Don’t think your followers are stupid. But to make sure they will interact with your content, you’d better write it down. The point is, most of us are quite lazy. And telling your followers what to do is the best way to get targeting actions.

Here are some examples of simple but effective call-to-action:

  • Save this post not to lose it
  • Put + in comments below if this post was interesting
  • DM us to make an order
  • Turn on the notifications and be the first to know our news
  • Etc.


5. Be useful

Your content should have some value to attract followers and keep them from pressing the “unfollow” button. So tell them, how to use your product in their daily life, in what way your services will help them to solve their problems, gather some tips, make a list of movies or books according to the topic. Or just be funny and make them smile. That also works.

6. Check up your grammar

We all make mistakes. Sometimes they are just typos occurred because of not being attentive. Anyway, they make a text harder to read and even can cause damage to a brand’s reputation. To avoid them, we advise you to use tools that check grammar, like Grammarly or Language tool.


Language tool

8. Structure your texts

If your text has more than a couple of sentences, break it into paragraphs. Use the rule: one paragraph – one idea. You can also use numbers or emojis to make the text look more structured. This will make it much easier to read.

9. Add emojis

Emojis can not only help in building text structure. They make the text more alive and emotional. But it’s important not to overdo with them. Also, take into account your audience. If you address to adults, you shouldn’t use a lot of emojis. And if your posts are for teens, feel free to use more of them.

10. Choose the right tone of voice

This paragraph is also related to information about your audience. According to your product or service, choose on behalf of whom will you talk to the followers? For example, you can become a friend for them if you sell youth clothes or promote a club. Or become an advisor if we talk about the premium segment.

What is also important is that you should be interested in what you write about. If you are not, try to find something attractive or funny in your topic. That will help you to write a text your followers will be willing to read.


Good luck in writing brilliant texts! 🙂