First of all, go to Google and search for your competitors by their name. It’s the easiest way to find ideas about how to promote your business online.

Probably you’ll see paid ads on Google, some of your competitors on the first positions in search, listings, ratings, review websites, pages in social networks. If you’re local – you can use all of these to promote yourself and get more brand awareness and increase sales.

1. Add your budiness to Google My Business

If you’re local business – you definitely have an address. 

Add your company on google my business, fill all the fields, like: about you, work hours, address. Also, you can add photos of your interior and exterior, so it will be easier for people to find you. 

People will write reviews about your business and set a rating in stars, add their own photos. 

Be number 1 in your city, get more good reviews and save on advertising, because Google My Business is totally free tool.

2. Add your business to listings and ratings

Most people check reviews in the different listings before they buy anything or choose a place to go for dinner. Probably you know the most popular listing in your area. If not – ask your friends or google it. There are different services depends on location and language, but in general you can use foursquare, yelp, better business bureau, yahoo! Local, yellow pages, google my business, apple maps etc.

3. Add your business to social networks

Create your business page in social network and fill it. As more information you’ll have online as more people can find you. Also, people believe those pages which are alive – it means that you have to answer comments, post new posts, answer direct messages etc. Show that your business is live, use stories to show your business inside, create posts to tell about something new or interesting.

Feel free to use Facebook or Instagram if don’t have your own website. People will ask you questions or make a booking directly here. All you need — to be active and responsive. 

4. Promote your local business on Google Ads 

You can use google ads with location keywords and your clients will find you faster. For example, you have a restaurant in Chicago and people search like “business lunch in Chicago”. Add location words and get first positions in search results for less. 

The second way to show locally – choose correct geotargeting in ad campaign settings and choose an option “only people in my location” — in this way you will now show your ads to the people from other cities.

how to promote local business in google ads

Сonclusion: there are a lot of ways how you can promoto your business online and get more customers. Decide which budget and skills you have and start promoting.