How to create awinning email campaign for promo

All holidays are the time when spam emails turn into valuable helpers for their recipients. For the holidays everyone needs a lot of gifts, but they want to save money, so a letter with a good offer from your online store will be welcome.

The holiday email is different from the regular one because the emphasis is more on discounts and special offers. We have prepared several ideas for various holiday letters. They will help you attract customers to the site enabling them to quickly find the right product.

In the article, we will tell you how to prepare a newsletter so that it doesn’t go to waste, and what exactly to send. You can use our tips for any occasion.

What is a promotional email? It is a simple but really effective way to tell your customers about your product or service. The purpose of promotional emails is to raise awareness, generate revenue or improve customer retention and loyalty.

Preparatory work

The newsletter should be appropriate so that not to spam buyers’ boxes and announce stocks on time, prepare mailings in advance. Decide on the occasionfor sale, number of promotional products and design your emails.

Select holidays to send

Create a table of your future holidays in Excel and put in your Google calendar not to forget.You shouldn’t use all the holidays that you know and prepare a newsletter for all of them.It depends on the type of your products andcustomers’actions during holiday periods. For example,for New Year clientsusually buy much morepresents than for other holidays.

Create a plan for your email

To make aneffective email you need:

  • Subject of your newsletter;
  • Target audience;
  • Type of advertising promotion;
  • Make a design for your newsletter;
  • Sending date.


Help your customer to buy a present

If you search Google, you’ll see more than 12 million What-to-Buy queries. Before holidays people usually find it difficult to choose presents for their nearest and dearest. Help them make a decisionby offering your bestsellers.

Free delivery

How many times have your potential customers viewed some products on your site and didn’t buy them when they saw the delivery price?Everyone wants to buy gifts without extra expenses. Since paid delivery is one of the main reasons for refusing a purchase, you can attract hesitating buyers by offering them free delivery on the occasion of the holiday.You might also set a minimum purchase cost or limit the timeperiod of the offer.

Use early and late promotions

34% of shoppers begin pre-holiday shopping before mid-December. On the other hand, 23% buy gifts at the last moment in order to save more.

How to succeed in both? Arrange early and late promotions. For example, offer special discounts on Black Friday Eve. Those who missed the New Year promotions, invite to the January sales.

Sell as much as you can

End-of-year sales are the best time to get rid of goods. Add them to the category of super discounts, recommend or even give away. This does not apply to seasonal goods: beach accessories, rubber boots, skis and so on.

So, if you want to attract customers with promotions and discounts:

  • Choose the types of stock based on the range of products of your store: stock balances, bestsellers, season and type of holiday.
  • Gather information: statistics on your campaigns and competitor mailings. Record data to use in future seasons.
  • Make a media plan so that all stages of preparation are in front of your eyes and you don’t forget anything.
  • Get ready for the big holidays few months in advance. New Year’s advertising in October is sometimes ridiculous, but it is better to start selling the best products as early as possible.
  • Invent a plan “B” in case the necessary goods run out too quickly.


Happy sales!