How to create animated Instagram stories

Instagram Stories is a wonderful opportunity for brands and bloggers to attract more attention and increase the interest of the audience. Can you imagine that 500 million users use Instagram Stories every day? At the beginning, every story was able to attract the attention of your followers but the situation changed. The great amount of Instagram Stories appears every day, therefore, brands and bloggers must create something new and interesting, come up with new ideas for their Instagram Stories to get the attention of their followers.

Your followers will just scroll your stories if you don’t interest them in the first seconds. It’s bad, but it’s true. Nobody wants to waste their time on boring and unnecessary information.

Today we will consider some programs for creating animated Instagram Stories.


This app has been designed specifically to create beautiful Insta Stories, as its name suggests. All you need for creating your animated stories is to choose a template you like and upload your pictures. There are a lot of templates for creating Instagram Stories so you will find something for sure. If you want, you can also add animated text into it. The app is available only for iOS.

Some of templates you can find in the app:



Mojo is one of my favorite apps for creating animated stories. It is very similar to Instories. These applications both have similar and completely different templates for creating animated stories. For this reason, it’s better to try using both of them and choose the best for yourself. Recently, it has become available not only for iOS but also for Android.

Examples of what you can make here:


Crello is a service for not only creating Instagram Stories, but also for creating posts and covers for different social networks. It has paid and free versions, as the previous applications. Of course, more templates are available in the paid version. A feature of the Сrello is the ability to add the extra photos, figures or stickers to templates. Also, here you can create your own template. Сrello is available for iOS, Android and also has a desktop version by link . In my opinion, the web version of the service is easier and more useful.

Examples of what you can make here:

Adobe Spark Post

In Adobe Spark Post you can diversify your photo by adding animated text onto it. Additionally, you have an option to animate your photo, but there are more opportunities for the text. However, if you would like to make animated the photo itself, we highly recommend to use another application from this list. The Adobe Spark Post application is available for both iOS and Android.

Examples of what you can make here:


Inshot is the most functional, and one of my favorite applications for creating video content. It is originally a mobile video processing tool, however, you can also edit photos and create collages with the help of this application. Its functionality is not that easy, but if you deal with it, you can create a really exciting clip. Here you can make a slideshow of photos, crop, speed up or shorten the video, add music (this option is also available in Instories and Mojo), text, resize the video, etc. Recently, it has become available not only for iOS but also for Android.

Maybe you have another tool for creating animated Instagram Stories to be added to this list? Don’t hesitate to share it with us.