How long does SEO take?

Many website owners and entry-level SEO specialists wonder how long SEO takes. That makes sense because everyone wants to get to the top as quickly as possible. Although SEO is a long term process by itself, there are at least 5 mistakes which can make it even longer: 

  • not Google friendly website
  • lack of knowledge
  • lack of strategy and niche analysis
  • poor website architecture
  • budget


Let’s delve into them.

Not Google friendly website

It so happens that web developers aren’t knowledgeable in SEO. After the project has been approved and the decision to promote it has been made, it turns out that the site has lots of SEO mistakes which must be corrected, otherwise it’ll be impossible to optimize it.

The question is whether it is possible to avoid this. Mistakes could be averted if developers teamed up with SEO specialists, but IT companies either don’t work like that or, even if they do, want a lot of money for it.

Lack of knowledge

Many site owners select keywords with Wordstat, add meta tags, hire a copywriter to create content, buy links and consider themselves to be great SEO specialists. 

On the one hand, everything is simple. On the other hand, it’s anything but SEO. This discipline consists of details and there are hundreds of books written on its every single subdiscipline. Even with the whole theory learned, you can’t be sure that it’ll be suitable for a particular project. This needs hands-on experience and a practised eye.

So even if you have a perfect knowledge of theory, but you don’t have any successful cases, you’d better turn to experts for help to achieve better results. 

Lack of Strategy and Niche Analysis

Niche analysis lets you see how long, difficult and expensive the optimization process is going to be. 

The quickest way to check it out is to perform Top 10 competitor analysis. If their sites are 20 years old, they have 1000 links, 1000000 articles and other features, you can hardly get to the top with the same keywords quickly no matter how big your budget is. Moreover, it’s a lost cause. 

However, it is possible to achieve results faster if you use bypass attack to surpass your competitors. This is where you need to work out a strategy, to use low-frequency queries, reveal your competitors’ weaknesses etc.

Poor Website Architecture

Accurate site structure together with relevant keywords are half the battle for achieving results in SEO. 

What does “accurate” mean? Let me explain by giving an example. Supposing we are promoting a page on a dog food selling website. The competition is tough here so it’s impossible to promote it using high-frequency queries. If we have just one page, optimization with low-frequency queries won’t be enough because there will be very little traffic/few sales in this case. 

However, having created filters by breed, age, dog characteristics together with relevant keywords, it is possible to receive so many low-frequency queries that they will completely outperform high-frequency ones. 

An accurate site structure includes division of the entire website into hierarchy and filters which make it possible to pick up low-frequency queries. If you get it done at the start of the promotion, the result will be achieved much faster than if you need to change the existing website structure in the process of optimization.

Small Budget 

Website owners who want to buy SEO services must understand that it’s impossible to rank high in a competitive niche with $50 per month. 

Optimization cost is calculated on case-by-case basis. If your budget is lower than recommended, fast promotion is out of the question. 

On average, if you want to get into Top 3, you need approximately $200 to promote 5 pages with 8 keywords on each of them. 

We emphasize that it’s an example of an average budget which greatly depends on niche competition, keywords level and their number.