High sales on Instagram

Using Instagram for business is a must have option to have great communication with your audience. Small business, for example, has everything to drive sales in this social network — shopping cart, online communication with your audience, showcase, order processing etc.

It’s ok if you are a small home bakery or small online shop. In this case you can process all the orders and comments by yourself. When you have more than 10K subscribers, you can set a link to your stories (small bonus from Instagram).  But what  will you do if you have more than 30-60K subscribers on your Insta account and there are a lot of comments, direct messages and questions? Almost all the questions are about the same things: price, sizes, colors, availability etc. You can write the price and availability in the post, but it doesn’t work. Nobody reads the text because it’s easier to ask in comments or in direct messages.

The problem is you can make only 1 active link in your profile description (bio). Also, you can set a link in stories, but it will disappear in 24 hours, but posts are always there. If you are in the US, you can add products to your Facebook page and make your Insta posts shoppable. But if you are not, you have a problem with adding links to your posts and products.

We have been looking for a decision for e-commerce which could help us with links on Instagram and we have found it!

Service Later is a kind of planning and analyzing system for social networks. You can make posts, answer comments and direct messages, analyze your activity etc. Looks like a good thing! But there is also such a feature as linkin.bio. What is more, you can add active links to all your product posts using linkin.bio feature.

How to add links to posts?

First, you should authorize your linkin.bio account with your Instagram account and create a custom link, which you will use in your profile description.

Then you should add your new link to Insta profile description instead of an old link. Now you can add links to your posts.

Adding active links is the same as planning post. You should create a post in Later service, click on linkin.bio, choose the post and click on «add link». When your post is going to live, it will have the direct link to the product page.

If you made everything right, your users will get your linkin.bio page with your active posts, when they click on the link in your bio. Like this:

Users can click on any post they like and go directly to the product page on the website.

About performance:
Our main goal was to increase sales from the Instagram account. Usually, users can make a purchase on the website only. In comparison to the previous period by Gooogle Analytics data, our Conversion Rate quadrupled (from 0.6% on average to 2.6%).
Performance without linkin.bio:

Performance with linkin.bio:

You can check an example of using the service in live insta account https://www.instagram.com/berni.ua/