8 metrics to track when you analyze your social profile

Every marketing tool you use to promote your business should be analyzed. It is necessary to understand which of them work well and which ones need improvement. The results from some channels can be tracked easily and very precisely, from others — not that much. But if you still think that the results from social media marketing can’t be tracked, we’re going to change your mind now. 

Here are ten metrics we look at while working with social media profiles:

Number of followers growth per week/month

The followers themselves don’t give you business anything. But it is important to track the dynamics. Tracking the number of users who subscribed and unsubscribed from your page will show you how good are you in audience retention and how interesting your content is.

Livedune followers overview

Livedune followers overview

Livedune followers overview

Instagram insights

Instagram insights

 Engagement rate

This metric shows you how eager is your audience to interact with your content — like, comment and add it to saved. It is calculated according to the following formula: involvements/number of posts * followers.

Engagement rate (reach)

This metric is similar to the previous one, except the number of involvements is compared to the number of people who saw your post (reach) instead of the number of followers. This metric is more precise because due to Instagram algorithms, not all of your followers see your post. But the users who don’t follow your page can see it in “explore”, by the hashtag or location or in their feed if you promote the post.

ER and ERR metrics

ER and ERR metrics

Website traffic

If you have a website and your social media pages’ goal is to get more users to visit it, you should track this metric. Instagram insights provide the number of website clicks per week. But it is better to launch google analytics and mark the links with UTM labels for more precise analysis. 

Direct messages 

These metrics will show you how much people are interested in your products. Also, you can analyze what goods of service exactly makes the biggest interest.

Stories reach

This metric will be very useful to analyze when you start working with the project. Normally, your stories reach should be about 30% of your followers’ number. If it is less, the followers in this account might be boosted, fake profiles but not real people.

Audience metrics

Both Instagram and Facebook provide some basic information about your followers, such as their geography, age and sex. In this way, you’ll understand are these people your targeting audience or not. For example, if you sell some expensive goods but most of your followers are at the age of 18-24 years, you should reconsider your strategy to attract an older audience. 


This is the main goal of any business which sells goods or services. They can be tracked through calculating orders from direct messages, using google analytics on your website or creating special promo codes for those who saw your posts on social media.