The specifics of working with content suggests that you will need to generate a lot of content. Sometimes you need to look for something new, fresh approaches and non-standard ideas. Today I will share with you the accounts from which we draw inspiration.

Pablo Rochat

The designer from San Francisco. His pictures are remembered for a long time and tear the standard patterns of perception (a game with non-standard emoji and social networks interface). He managed to work with major American brands: Apple, Nike, Facebook, New York Times, Netflix, Instagram.


Collection of creativity from all over Instagram. The account is shared every day with unusual images from hundreds of designers from around the world. It is convenient to get examples of unusual images from one place.


Designer from Milan, who interestingly beats classic images.


Another account led by designer fra_vullo.


About how to connect different incompatible things and get fan collages. The account is maintained by an illustrator from Milan Giuseppe Ragazzini.



An account from a French event manager, Vincent Smadja, on how unusual it is to show ordinary things.




Account graphic designer Katerina from New York. She experimented with color, surrealism and various graphic compositions.


A creative director who creates provocative pictures, often combining famous works of art, cultural icons, and celebrities.